Adventures of Frangipan

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Sunday 10th - Monday 18th

Sunday. First day back at work at the lodge. Had lunch and watched some TV. As part of my new healthy routine, I did some exercise later. Did laundry. Went on the internet. Went to Michelle's birthday party. It was fancy dress but I didn't have anything, so I was given a plastic pirate's hat when I arrived.

Monday. I slept in! Too much to drink last night apparently. I wouldn't mind, except that I only had four drinks! Luckily it didn't matter too much because we're not that busy. Spent that afternoon sorting through all the stuff I left here over May. Gonna have a big parcel to send home! Had supper, watched TV, exercised.

Tuesday. Worked a couple of hours, then went for a walk to Taranaki Lookout because it was a gorgeous day. Couldn't see Taranaki when I got there though, because there was a big cloud covering it. Had lunch, watched TV, exercised, supper, more TV. And texted Mum.

Wednesday. Work. Lunch. Internet. Nesta emailed and Charlotte sent me a facebook message. Exercise. TV. Supper. Straightened my hair. Read the newspaper. TV.

Thursday. Work. The new girl Paulina arrived today. She's from Chile, she's 27, really friendly, and really looking forward to skiing. Exercised. Went to the shop with Paulina. Watched TV. Went to a beach party at The Station Cafe. I wore my sarong over my jeans, my bikini top, a haltertop, sunglasses, and my shell earrings. Lost my sarong. Not that it matters - I think that was the first time I've worn it in five years!

Friday. Work. Lunch. Did some puzzles. Watched TV. Generally veged out!

Saturday. Work. Lunch. Watched the news: bad floods in the UK I see. Mardi Gras in Ohakune tonight. Cy and Rick were running a shuttle bus service to and from, and I was manning the phone from 5pm to 10pm. Didn't have many calls to answer, but got paid $50 for my time. Got a text from Mum reminding me about Father's Day tomorrow.

Sunday. Paulina's first day of work. But too much for one person, so she learnt how to clean the motels, and I did the lodge. Lunch. Checked emails using a card that had a few minutes left on it. Watched TV. Did laundry. Tried phoning Dad but no reply, so texted him instead.

Monday. Work. Lunch. Did some puzzles. Went on the Taranaki Lookout walk with Paulina. Had a quick snack and did some more puzzles. Got Tuesday and Wednesday off, so I'm trying to save jobs for then!

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Saturday, 9 June 2007

Friday 8th and Saturday 9th June

Had some breakfast and straightened my hair, then me and Cy went to Taupo. I got some more food and Cy had some stuff to do. Then we got a Subway for lunch and came back. Spent the rest of the afternoon/evening watching TV and reading.

Spent the day watching TV and reading John Pilger. Went to Schnapps in the evening which was packed because of the rugby (NZ v France). Ange doesn't need me to work for a couple of weeks yet. And it was Ashleigh's 21st. Came back around 8.30pm and spent the evening watching TV.

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Thursday, 7 June 2007

Back to National Park

Had breakfast in the hostel then walked across the road to the train/coach station. I spent the journey listening to music. Cy called to check I was coming back today.

I got into National Park by 3pm, and Cy picked me up from the coach stop. I'm now living in Motel 6 with Cy and another cleaner when she arrives.

I spent the afternoon/evening unpacking, watching TV, showering and washing my hair.

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Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Picton to Wellington

I made the most of the free breakfast this morning! Then showered, packed and checked out. I still had a couple of hours until the ferry, so I left my bag in the hostel and went for a walk. I went along the Harbour View track, then down to Bob's Bay, then back into town.

I picked up my luggage and walked down to the ferry terminal. Uneventful ferry journey. I got some photos of the sounds, had lunch, went outside again, then sat in the lounge.

I took the shuttle into Wellington and checked into Downtown Backpackers, right near the train/coach station. I walked to the supermarket to get supplies for National Park, then got a taxi back to the hostel. I picked up my internet stuff and walked back into town to Cybernomad (I still had 2 1/2 hours on my loyalty card to use).

So I spent a while on the internet, then went to Starbucks, then got a taxi back to the hostel.

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Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Kaikoura to Picton. Read LOTR for most of the journey. We stopped at a track up to a waterfall, where there were fur seal pups playing in a pool. Very cute.

Reached Picton by lunchtime, and headed to The Villa. I got comfy in the treehouse and finished LOTR. Cried again! Then almost fell down the steps out of the treehouse!

Chatted to a French girl in my dorm. Her friend got groped in her sleep in a hostel in Nelson! The same one as I stayed in when I was there. The police said the guy had done it before, but hadn't been convicted. They were hoping he would get convicted this time and they'd be able to get him out of the country. Creepy!

Later I wandered into town, but most places had already closed. I bought a paper and went to a cafe to read it. The hostel does free apple crumble during winter, which was very tasty, but I think mine is better!

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Monday, 4 June 2007

Whale Watching

I slept in and missed the free breakfast! Had to eat my own cereal instead. I headed down to the whale watch office by 10am, and was glad to see it was running today.

Their bus took us to the boat at the other end of town. It was a really fast boat, so we whizzed out a few miles to where they'd seen whales earlier. Altogether we saw about five sperm whales up close, and another three or four further away. We had a bit of time left, so we were taken to see some dusky dolphins too. That was ace: there were about a hundred of them at least, all swimming by the boat, and some doing acrobats! They were totally playing up to the audience.

So I had the rest of the afternoon in town. I got some lunch in a cafe, then headed back to the hostel to pick up stuff so I could go on the internet again. Realised my dolphin CD from Akaroa is missing. Must've left it in Christchurch.

Anyway, spent another few hours on the internet, then went back to the hostel and spent the evening watching films.

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Sunday, 3 June 2007


Went to Kaikoura on the Magic bus today. It isn't that far so we there by lunchtime. We stopped at a lookout above town and also at the seal colony at the far end of town before going to our hostels. Some people were booked to go whale-watching, but they couldn't go because the water was too rough. I'm booked for tomorrow, and was just hoping it would be better by then.

I got a Subway for lunch and chatted to Angela for a while, before heading into town. I got an ice-cream and walked along the shore, then turned around and headed back into town. I went on the internet for a couple of hours, bought some groceries, and then went back to the hostel.

I spent the evening reading LOTR. Finally reached the part where they destroy the ring and are going back to the Shire. It feels like its taken ages to read this far, but compared to last time I read it, it's been really quick.

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Saturday, 2 June 2007

On My Own

Starbucks. Internet. Shower. Pack. Starbucks. Internet.

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Friday, 1 June 2007

Arts and Gardens

I met Freddy around noon, and we found a cafe to have lunch in. We then spent the afternoon wandering around the Botanic Gardens and through the Arts Centre. We went to the Art Gallery, which had the usual crap, but there were also two giant inflatable bunnies which we loved!

We had a coffee in Starbucks, and then said goodbye again, because Freddy leaves tomorrow morning. I went back to the hostel then headed over to the internet. I got a Subway on my way back to the hostel, and realised I left my water bottle somewhere, so I'll have to get a new one.

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