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Friday, 21 August 2009

Boys (again)

So the guy who hurt me around Christmas is "kinda sorta seeing someone" (his words). This is good. We've been talking again recently, becoming friends again I guess. But our friendship has never been normal: there has always been flirting and innuendo and a grey area. But now he is seeing someone, I can draw the line and remove the grey area (especially since I'm kinda sorta friends with the girl in question).

And yet, it's also not so great. Before I could simply say that he just didn't want a girlfriend. But now that isn't the case. Now it says he is/was perfectly capable of asking a girl out, but just not me. And that's still a smack in the face, even if I don't want to be his girlfriend anymore. And after another recent disappointment, I find myself saying "what's so wrong with me? Why aren't I girlfriend material?"

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Denbigh & Flint Show

My day at the county show was quite good. We saw a bit of the horse showing, caught the end of the grand parade, wandered around the stalls, had a look at the vintage cars, and saw a few people I knew. I was a bit disappointed at the attractions in the main ring: there isn't any of the motorbikes jumping through hoops or associated mounted games that there used to be.

But what really pissed me off was having to listen to Ricky Proffitt's pro-hunt espousing when the hounds were doing their bit at the end. He was essentially telling the onlookers to vote Conservative so the hunting ban would be overturned.

He seems to be ignoring the fact that, as far as I am aware, Flint & Denbigh are still hunting anyway. He is also apparently blissfully unaware that just because he is in a county show doesn't mean everyone there agrees with him.

I've lived in the country all my life. I'm a farmer's daughter. But hunting is barbaric. I've never agreed with the eye-for-an-eye mentality, that because a fox rips apart chickens or sheep, it is perfectly OK to chase them around the country and for a pack of hounds to rip them apart.

Everyone tells me that the fox is in the wrong, getting into hen houses or into fields and killing chickens or sheep for fun, not just to eat. First of all, don't try telling me that these 'country folk' would be any more sympathetic to the fox if he was just trying to feed his family. I'm not saying what the fox is doing is right: just natural. As far as he is concerned the farmer is on his side, rounding up the tasty animals for him to catch easily. Undomesticated dogs would do the same.

The Countryside Alliance is bullshit. If they care about the countryside so much maybe they should just let it be and work the way it is supposed to. No, what they stand for is their way of life in the countryside. In fact I don't even believe those who hunt care about the farmers' cause at all. They just don't want to lose their right to gallop across open countryside, which they wouldn't have unless the farmers gained something.

I believe in the right to free speech. But I don't believe he should use his position as MC of part of the show to try to sway political opinion. They get enough publicity between the hounds in the main ring, the inter hunt relay, the Boxing Day parade, point-to-point racing, and every other part of life they've squirmed into.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Boy meets girl (part 2)

So Girl gets impatient and sends another facebook message to Boy. A month later and no response. Really don't get it.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Mounted Games update

I've been sat here for a few minutes wanting to write something, but not really sure what to say. Then looking back over previous posts, I realised that I've gone a bit quiet on the Mounted Games front.

So to sum up...
Flint & Denbigh took 3 senior and 2 junior teams to the Area 5 final in May, and one senior and one junior qualified for the Zone finals. So on the first weekend of July we travelled across to Newark on Trent for them to compete. The junior team were too focussed on qualifying and points and position; instead of concentrating on doing their part correctly. They also had a bit of bad luck, and ended up 10th out of 14, and they could've done better.

The seniors however were an absolute pleasure to be with that day. They were mature, they concentrated on what they were doing, and they qualified for a few finals. They did disastrously in a couple of heats, which we had a good laugh about. And they missed out on a couple of finals by a few strides, which was more disheartening.

But they did enough. And they've qualified for the Pony Club Championships in Draycott, Derbyshire on Tuesday. The winner of their competition will take the last place in the Horse of the Year Show. Hopefully we will have as much fun as we did at Zone. I don't fancy their chances of winning, but they should already be very proud of themselves. They are now the most successful F&D senior team (the previous one was mine which qualified for Zone back in 1997).

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