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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Supermarket bad behaviour

Anyone who read my Supermarkets post will realise that I am no great lover of the behemoths. But after reading an article (You've been Tesco'd) in Issue 1244 of Private Eye, I'm even more anti.

It appears Tesco may be falsely claiming demand and support for new stores. A man in Leeds received a letter acknowledging his support for a new store from the city council: he hadn't taken sides let alone sent a letter, and his named was misspelled. Tesco have built a new store in Cambridge adding to traffic problems while the council spends £400,000 on traffic calming.

You may be interested to read about Hadleigh, where Tesco have been trying to build a supermarket for 10 years despite public enquiries, rejected applications, environmental issues and huge local protest.

Currently there is a battle in Newcastle Emlyn, a town of approximately 1000 inhabitants, to build 2 new supermarkets when they already have one, albeit a sole trader. Does that really sound sensible? It is a small town with a thriving local shopping community. As one town visitor comments: "We come to spend time here because it’s a proper town – not a clonesville. No major supermarket in sight."

You can read more about these and more on Tescopoly. Other major supermarkets destroying local shops and businesses, paying poor wages to suppliers and manufacturers, having negative environmental costs, propping up poor animal welfare standards, and flooding our homes with poor-quality, poor-health, homogenic products do exist. Their names are Asda/Walmart, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi, Sainsbury's...and even Coop is heading that way.

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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Real news

Medialens + John Pilger + Private Eye + Mark Thomas = REAL NEWS

The news today reported on Kraft trying to take over Cadbury before it reported on the imminent floods in Bangladesh. It wasn't even as though Kraft have bought Cadbury - they refused the offer. It's practically non-news. Terry Wogan retiring may also have been further up the agenda than the floods.

It's a sorry state when you can't even rely on the BBC to report real news; that they have fallen into the corporate media pit, reporting on 'popular culture' (surely oxymoronic).

So Medialens is my new favourite discovery. Set up to report the news that corporate media is either failing to report, or twisting the story. Recommended by John Pilgera a voice for the apparently forgotten or unimportant in global happenings. Through Medialens I have learnt that there was a military coup in Honduras, overthrowing the democratically elected government (something overlooked by the mainstrea press). John Pilger continues to fight the battle for the East Timorese, as well as criticise the 'war on terror'. His latest article is about the Lockerbie frame. Mark Thomas is waging war on Coca Cola in his new book. And Private Eye continue to pull apart corporate media.

I'm also reading Noam Chomsky's "Failed States" which is a fantastic book. No idea why its taken me so long to get round to reading it. Very into my dissent at the moment!

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