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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Could someone please stick some tape over Blair's mouth?

I'm sure there are very few people in the country who truly believe any of the major players in the Iraq war will be brought to justice as a result of the Chilcot enquiry. But for Tony Blair to use it as a soapbox for more war-mongering - this time against Iran - is shocking.

Iran is only a threat if its mission is suicide! They couldn't set off a nuclear bomb without being destroyed themselves. And while the Iranian administration may be a lot of things, they do still value their independence and indeed their existence.

I am not naive enough to believe that they are only producing nuclear power, not weapons. But they are being watched so closely it would be difficult for them to do anything with said weapons. And what right do we have to stop them when we hold nuclear weapons, with no great desire to give them up? Don't be fooled by Obama's pledge to cut nuclear either: that policy runs alongside one of increasing Hellfire missile use - ones that rip the air out of your lungs.

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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Kraft and Cadburys

Good thing I'm becoming vegan. I wouldn't want to eat cadbury now Kraft have got their hands on it. I ate my last Boost bar today.

(The vegan thing hasn't happened yet because I've been suffering various ailments since the new year. It is becoming a February resolution instead. In fact, maybe they all are - I haven't really looked at them! The 'no drinking' started again after New Years, when I had 8-10 drinks, and felt much less drunk and hungover than I expected.)

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Harbie (1978-2010)

Rest in peace Old Man. Thanks for the memories. 18 years is a long time to be in each others lives, even if I haven't spent much time with you for the latter half. But this isn't about my guilt for not seeing enough of you or not looking after you the way I should have. This is about the sadness that you're gone, the hole you're leaving behind, and remembering you.
  • Your beautiful blue eyes
  • Always the first to the gate at dinner time
  • Worrying about you cantering around with the others while you were loving it, and that ridiculous snort that made them all go nuts!
  • Bracing myself for the painful nose nudge in the groin every time I went to see you
  • Escaping onto the grass verge outside the farm in the dead of night, and getting as much grass as you could before James and I put you back in
  • Chewing a hole in the bottom of sugar beet bags and eating it raw, then being put back in your stable and just hoping you'd be OK
  • Daz: gets your pony white but gives your daughter eczema!
  • Trying to roll with me on your back at our first PC rally
  • Sunburn on your nose every summer
  • Eating your way through a brush fence in XC training
  • Chewing Sheila's pocket off to get the food inside
  • Bucking at the top pole of the Bending
  • Your bridle coming off in musical sacks - unfortunately eliminated for that because you're supposed to be in contact with your pony when you reach the sack!
  • Dancing in any river any time
  • Best pony ever at the Water Container Race - slow and steady!
Unfortunately with the positive comes the negative, and all the times I kicked and screamed at you because you wouldn't go, and using my whip and spurs on you. And now I've run out of time to make up for that.

I'm glad you died naturally because I don't think putting you to sleep is a decision I could ever have made. But you deserved to go peacefully in your sleep, wrapped up in a stable. Not lying in the snow on one of the coldest days of your life. I hope you weren't in too much pain. I love you dearly and will miss you a great deal.

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