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Monday, 19 September 2011

Being second is rubbish.


Saturday, 10 September 2011

PETA Animal Experimentation Campaign

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Ensure sportwear companies play fair as well as athletes

Support the rights of garment workers for the Olympics 2012 by emailing sportswear companies.

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WWF's Timber Pledge

As a local authority I’m sure you buy all sorts of timber products, from office paper to wood for construction. But many local authorities don’t know where the timber they buy comes from, which means it could be from forests which have been logged illegally or unsustainably. This is devastating for forests and the people who depend on them.

By buying certified timber you can support sustainable forest management and help ensure a future for the forests around the world where our paper and wood comes from.

So far Cardiff is the only council in Wales to have made a pledge with WWF to improve the way they buy wood and paper products.  I’m asking you to commit to improving your timber purchasing by making a WWF pledge. I would like to know that the wood and paper you buy for use in our community is not damaging forests.

This is an important step towards ensuring that our community has a positive impact on forests and local communities in places like Indonesia and the Congo Basin where they rely on healthy forests for shelter, food and fuel.

Please make a WWF pledge.

Thank you.

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Sign the petition to demand that Mattel stop logging Indonesia's rainforests for toy packaging.

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War on Want Report on Taxation

The central principle of progressive taxation – the more you earn the more you can afford to pay – has been broken down over the last few decades. Now some of the richest people in society pay a lower proportion of their income in tax than some of the poorest.

One of the key ways this is done is using tax havens such as Jersey or the Cayman Islands, which allow rich individuals and multinational corporations to escape paying their fair share to the exchequer. The UK loses around £18 billion to tax havens each year, while poor countries lose up to ten times that much.  If the tax system can be fixed, we could avoid deep spending cuts in the UK and take a giant step towards a world without extreme poverty.

A new report just launched by War on Want, the trade union PCS and the Tax Justice Network details just how to do that. The report recommends a number of measures that would begin to unwind the complex and highly profitable tax dodging industry.

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Astonish Me by WWF

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Greenpeace Arctic Oil Drilling Petition

Cairn didn't want you to see their Arctic oil spill response plan. They essentially admit that a spill in the Arctic would be catastrophic, and near impossible to clean up.The fact that this report is now public puts pressure on Cairn and other oil companies to get out of the Arctic, as it makes it absolutely clear that their drilling operations are breathtakingly irresponsible.

Please sign the petition asking Greenland's Prime Minister to protect the Arctic.

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Murder continues in South Kordofan (Darfur)

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Avaaz Climate Petition

Right now, a major climate fight is blowing up in Australia -- the government is about to pass a law that would cut carbon emissions and get polluters to pay. But big businesses are trying to kill the bill.

This carbon pricing law is a win-win measure -- it will push dirty businesses towards clean production and generate more resources for working families. If it passes, it will spur other major emitters to follow suit and could be the next best hope for our climate.

Sign the urgent petition to back this bold initiative

The measure would make polluting companies pay, encouraging them to become more efficient while funding technologies of the future and increasing support to the most needy.

Countries like Denmark, Sweden and Costa Rica have already introduced carbon-pricing, spurring innovation and reducing pollution. If we now embolden Australia -- the worst rich country per person carbon polluter -- to follow their lead, it will generate momentum for other major emitters such as China and the US to follow suit, boosting our chances of a global climate deal next year.

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Avaaz Media Petition

Murdoch's power over our politicians rested on his control over what UK citizens read and watched. A 20% limit on media ownership would cut Murdoch's stranglehold on our politics. But MPs won't go that far unless they are forced to by using a new direct democracy initiative to do so.

Let's ensure that moguls like Murdoch can never again control our media and our politics by demanding that all parties pledge to ensure nobody owns more than a fifth of our media.

The petition needs to reach 100,000 signatures - currently at 22,000.

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Success for Amnesty Campaign

Three weeks ago, we asked for your help to make Royal Bank of Scotland end its investment in companies that produce cluster bombs – and you did us proud. Over 1,000 of you donated to an ad campaign to shame RBS. Over 11,000 of you emailed the bank's Chief Executive. And hundreds more wrote, rang and tweeted your revulsion.

So I’m delighted to share the news that last week RBS changed their policy and agreed to cease investments in companies involved in the production of cluster munitions - thanks to you. At first RBS flat out denied our allegations. But in the end, it seems the threat of our ad campaign was just the pressure they needed to change their minds.

They have now committed to drawing up a new policy and have frozen their dealings with companies involved in the manufacture of cluster bombs while they do so. They're also going to work with the UK Government and other banks to draw up a code of conduct. Find out what RBS said and how we’re going to hold them to account

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Troy Davis to be executed on 21st September

We, the UNDERSIGNED, call on Georgia authorities to take all steps necessary to ensure that Troy Anthony Davis does not face execution. Seven of the nine witnesses have changed their story and no physical evidence links Davis to the crime. No one should be executed, especially when there are so many doubts about guilt.

This case has generated widespread attention because so many people in Georgia and throughout the world are disturbed by the thought of a man being executed when so much doubt about his guilt remains unresolved. Nothing can undermine public faith in a criminal justice system faster than an execution when there are still serious doubts about guilt. Georgia cannot afford to make such a mistake, and we urge Georgia officials to do everything in their power to prevent such an injustice from taking place.

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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Silence is not the way. We need to talk about it.

I read this post tonight and felt compelled to leave a comment.

Although my own finding work situation has been different (and is about to change again) the feeling that you work so hard on so many job applications to get next to nothing in return is crushing.

There is no guarantee that you will find something - anything - let alone something you want to do or something you're good at.

Having a degree puts you in a position where employers don't really want to hire you for something 'beneath' you, because they think you'll always be on the lookout for something else.

Employers want you to have experience, but so few are willing to provide that unless you are willing to undertake a voluntary internship/placement. Which we fund how exactly, when no one wants to hire us?

So, I can empathise with Steven's post and mental state. It's a pretty shitty state of affairs.

The title of my post comes from an old song, Letting the Cables Sleep by Bush. I never bothered to find out its 'meaning', but I always figured these two lines were about not bottling up your problems (probably because of my own mental state at the time it was released). Reading Steven's post reminded me of some my hardest times, and this just popped into my head.

(And even if you don't like the song, the video has the lovely Gavin Rossdale and a beautiful woman in it.)

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